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Standing Cake

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Standing Cake

A standing cake, or a top-forward cake, is one of the latest innovations in the art of cake. It is a circular cake that has a small foundation part carved out of the sides to let it stand up on its own like a semicircle. Since the top faces the forward direction, it gets its name. 

Standing Cake Designs

This cake is the very latest creation of the cake industry, and it is trending among people. Cake enthusiasts, artists, and cake lovers are finding it very interesting owing to its gravity-defying designs. It becomes a treat for the eyes before it becomes a sweet treat. Keeping up with the trend, the bakers at CakExpo have also come up with some innovative standing cake designs which are worth having a look at.

Valentine’s Day Standing Cake

Have you ever seen a cake that looks exactly like a heart? You won't believe your eyes when you have a look at this Valentine’s Day standing cake. It seems as if you have presented your heart to your loved one. The person receiving the gift will be surprised and stand in awe when they receive this cake as a token of love. You can also write your favorite message of love for the special person on the cake. It is made available in chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet flavors. You can also get this in eggless form.

Round Standing Cake

The round standing cake is one of the most popular standing cakes because it can be curated into many designs. The design of this cake can be customized to complement your party or wedding themes. The top-forward cake has seemed to find a special place in weddings owing to its classy design and unique name. 

Rectangle Standing Cake

A standing cake need not be just round! If you are not a fan of circular ones, you can get one in a rectangular shape. I bet it would taste the same. The cake flavors you can get are chocolate, vanilla, dark chocolate, black forest, and butterscotch. As these standing cakes give full freedom to the bakers and lots of space to work on, you will get some lovely designs that will awe your guests.

Without indulging your palate with a scrumptious dessert, celebrations fall short of their potential. The presence of cake is required to treat everyone, regardless of how formal or informal the occasion may be. On special occasions, you can find yourself having to spend time away from your loved ones due to obligations related to your profession. However, there is no need to fret or feel awful about it; simply go to CakExpo and place your order for online cake delivery. 

Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers
Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers
Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers