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Making mistakes and offending a partner is part of a relationship. However, making it up to the partner and saying sorry in a cute manner is much needed to sort out the differences. Hence, here are five of the cutest methods of saying sorry to the love that you have irritated; and all of them include a cake.

Sending Flowers 

Flowers have always been a charming commodity for not just women, but also for men. Taking flowers that have the beautiful meaning to convey your sentiments with the most favorite flowers of the person will definitely grab the much necessary attention to grant forgiveness. Add a deliciously favorite cake with that and you are sure to win the heart.

Sending Food

Every person has a favorite delicacy that may be as simple as biscuits and as complex as a specially baked cake by a particular bakery. Sorting that out and having the favorite delivered to the home or office of the person will make him or her happy. Do remember though that the timing of delivery be right and only the person supposed to receive it gets it in his or her own hands; makes for a special surprise moment.

An Outing

 Taking the person on an outing somewhere, to a nice restaurant or a beach, or a weekend getaway destination would always prove excellent. Now there, giving the partner a good treatment at a spa or a relaxing massage that ends up with delicious cake; would be a sure way to receive quick forgiveness.

Cooking At Home

Home-cooked food never fails in getting the much-needed appreciation and forgiveness as a by-product of the efforts put in place. Cooking one or two items that are loved by the person and adding a cake with “Forgive Me!” written on it will get the attention in the right manner. This will also display the hard work and willingness of the person apologizing to make things better.

Being creative is the key element here. Nothing can beat it and including a favorite item of the person seeking forgiveness from, will always add to the earnestness of the act. Furthermore, everyone has a favorite kind of cake that is somewhat difficult to get at times. If it is made in order then it presents more value to the person, receiving an apology. But remember that being true to the intention is the key here.