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December 2019 saw the emergence of a pandemic known across the globe as COVID-19, which took over multiple nations like wildfire. This made many restrictions on the societies everywhere and the social-distancing happened. However, now after almost a year that the pandemic started, the world has slowly come back to the old ways of social life, and celebrations with a tiny group of a family as well as friends are taking place in India too. With the New Year around the corner, you have to be careful with your party planning for this big occasion too. Below are some of the suggestions that will assist you in having the best New Year party for the year 2021.

Zoom Party

Maintaining the norm of social distancing, having zoom parties with friends and family over the live streaming internet broadcasts is considered the best among all. Ensuring that every participant has a high-speed stable internet connection and a good web camera with a big screen would add to the fun. Now ordering the favorite cakes to be delivered to the loved ones in the same city or different cities when they are attending the zoom party; would give the much-needed surprise element to the occasion.

Traditional Home Party

This is the one we all have been having till December last year or till mid-March this year in India. However, there are some restrictions set on the gathering of people with norms of social-distancing and mask-wearing of the attendees. Though the number of people is going to be less but this gives the organizer an excuse to call only the near and dear. A tough choice of selecting cakes for everyone alongside the traditional Indian sweets as well as desserts is also there. But overall, there will be no problem if the party and the people in it do not make too much noise that disturbs the neighbors.

Tiny Party

 Now, this is best suited for the couples, live-in partners in domestic relationships who always order food from outside because they are busy working-from-home. Furthermore, they do always invite some more friends home for just little celebration gatherings or casual hangouts. Such people can always order a cake or two which can be consumed at the party and if something is left; could be stored in the fridge for later consumption.

New Year 2021 celebration has to be done as per the guidelines set by the government for social distancing. But it doesn’t mean that happiness shall be compromised. Ordering a good cake online is the first step towards the celebration.