1. Will I have a dedicated store URL for my store where my entire portfolio will be displayed? – Yes.
  2. How many Product I can showcase? – 50
  3. How I will receive an order? – Once you onboard, we will add you to our what’s app group and share enquiries in your city. You need to buy that enquiry.
  4. What will be the price for each enquiry? – Depends upon cake price
  5. For how many bakers you give each enquiry? –  5 Bakers – not more than that
  6. How I can make the payment for the enquiry? You need to recharge your account (Wallet) & money will be debited from your account (Wallet)
  7. Is there any minimum recharge account? – Rs. 300
  8. Are there any free enquiries? – We will recharge your account with Rs. 300 once you upload min 10 products. You can buy enquiries from that.
  9. How will I receive payment from the customer? – Through Google Pay / Phone Pay / PayTM
  10. Who is going to deliver the cake? – Baker

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