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When you confess your love to someone and want to commit to spending the rest of your lives together you call in for the celebration of the moment. And to add to the sweetness of the day we give you our engagement cake designs. Made with all the colours and flavours of love this will be a cake to remember.

For a new couple, declaring to the world of their new oneness, we give you the couple cake made for the newfound love. Filled with moist layers of cake and liquid chocolate and glazed with white chocolate ganache and beautifully lined with chocolate wafer couple cut out, it will always be a treat to the eyes.

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If cutting a cake is old school for you, make the statement a heart-shaped pinata cake. With a hammer, break through the chocolate made Pinata and crack into the hidden cake surprise. This new trend is very much popular among the crowd and is a great party beginner when you want to enjoy yourself with friends and your future life partner. Let’s celebrate with online engagement cake delivery.

Beauty lies in simplicity. The truffle cake is the perfect example of a classic celebration for the new couple. With its syrupy base and smooth rich chocolate glazing, this chocolate truffle cake is worthy for the kings and will make you want to gorge on something delicious. Topped with a simple white chocolate crown and minimum garnishing, it will always be more cake in the craving.

Strawberries have always been referred to as the fruit of love and that makes the Strawberry Delicacy Cake the simplest flavour to choose for your engagement with your loved one. Strawberry slices with delicious tasting strawberry syrup mixed with fresh cream make each bite more delightful than the last. And that is exactly what you get in this heavenly cake, made with all the love and care that you promised your new partner for life.

Floral cakes have been a classic choice for a couple celebrating their union. And what better than a two tier rose cake with smooth white glazing and with all the pink and red rose blooms made of cream frosting. All edges are filled with rose drapes made of cream icing making the cake a treat to the eyes. A beautiful cake for a more beautiful couple, that is the message you give across when you make this cake.

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