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We celebrate every occasion with the same spirit and energy. When it comes to someone’s birthday, we go a mile ahead and try to surprise them with a unique delicious cake. We try to find the best flavour and design. Apart from design and flavour, cake weight is also a deciding factor while ordering a cake. Cake weight completely depends upon you on how many people are going to be there to consume the cake. Normally we order 1 KG Cake as it’s enough for 12-15 People. You can get as many options as you want in One KG Cake.

 1 KG Cake Price

1 KG Cake Price is depending upon the cake design, flavour and shape. It is necessary to decide these three things and then you can get the 1 KG Cake Price. If you want to order 1 KG Black Forest Cake, 1 KG Doll Cake, 1 KG Red Velvet Cake, 1 KG Chocolate Cake, or 1 KG Butterscotch Cake, you can find them on our website and send us your details, our bakers will contact you and tell you the 1 KG Cake Price. You can choose the right baker and give your order to them and they will deliver the 1 KG Cake you want.

Here is the list of popular 1 KG Cakes and the Price Range for 1 KG

  • Black Forest Cake 1KG Price – Rs. 800-1000
  • Doll Cake Price 1KG – Rs. 850-1200
  • Red Velvet Cake Price 1KG – Rs. 1200-1400
  • Butterscotch Cake 1KG Price – Rs. 800-1000
  • Chocolate Cake Price 1KG – Rs. 800-1000
  • Photo Print Cake Price 1 KG – Rs. 900-1200
  • White Forest Cake Price 1KG – Rs. 800-1000
  • Rasmalai Cake 1KG Price – Rs. 1000-1200
  • Mickey Mouse Cake 1 KG – Rs. 1100-1300
  • Doraemon Cake 1 KG – Rs. 1100-1300
  • Blueberry Cake 1KG Price – Rs. 900-1100
  • Kitkat Cake Price 1KG – Rs. 1400-1600

Why you can go for 1 KG Cakes:

  • You get an option to choose a design
  • It can serve 12-15 People
  • You can get it customised
  • You get an option if you want to add a few elements to the cake

One KG Cakes are always in demand because we invite our relatives to celebrate birthdays. If you are planning a big celebration or kid’s first birthday then 1 KG Cake is not the right option. Definitely, you might need to order a big cake. In that case, at CakExpo, we have lots of options available for you. Below are some of the cake options you might want to check.

Other Cake Weight Options

 Half KG Cakes

 1.5 KG Cakes

2 KG Cakes

2.5 KG Cakes

3 KG Cakes

3.5 KG Cakes

4 KG Cakes

4.5 KG Cakes

5 KG Cakes

Frequently Asked Questions about 1 KG Cake

Q. What is the cost of a 1 KG Cake?

Ans. 1 KG Cake price starts from Rs. 800. It depends upon multiple factors-like flavour, design, and shape. 

Q. What is the price of 1kg chocolate cake?

Ans. 1kg Chocolate cake price can range between Rs. 900 – Rs. 1000.

Q. How big is a 1 kg cake?

Ans. It depends. But normally it comes with a 9-inch diameter if you go for a circle shape cake and it can serve up to 12-15 people.

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