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Jar Cakes are tubs of deliciousness. They are mini cakes which come in various flavours. They are ideal for giving to family and friends, as well as yourself. It is not necessary that there needs to be a special occasion or a moment to celebrate with Jar Cakes Online. These are amazing desserts that can be eaten at just about any time. Although, if it has to be an occasion, they would look great in gift hampers or if you buy a set of jar cakes. The best way to enjoy the moment is by ordering a jar cake delivery and relishing it in your comfort zone. Let us take a look at the varieties of jar cakes available for delivery.

Everyone loves cake, everyone loves Oreos! With the Oreo jar cake, it is now possible to relish the delicious combination of both worlds at once. This would make an amazing present for whoever you gift it to, and make their day.

Jar Cake Delivery

With the lip-smacking goodness of red velvet cake and the addition of cream cheese, this would be the perfect option for Jar Cake Delivery as it looks just as aesthetically pleasing, as it tastes. Children and adults alike will love this dessert.

Jar Cake Delivery Online

This dessert will be an instant hit among chocolate lovers because this one is all about chocolate. There is chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and it is even decorated with chocolate chips. Order for a Jar Cake Delivery Online and experience the magic today.

If you are looking for a light and airy dessert, then this is the one for you. Here, it comes with a basic sponge cake, whipped cream and fruits. This makes it a healthy dessert perfect for any occasion.

While this dessert is full of the sinful chocolate goodness we all know, it also has an earthy texture to it, thus making the flavour a very unique one. With a blend of chocolate mousse, it is one of the best jar cakes to gift anyone for any special occasion.

Apart from jar cakes and jar cake delivery, we at www.cakexpo.com also offer a wide range of delectable desserts. We would love to make your occasion a special one. If you have a query or requirement, please visit us on our website or call us and we shall be happy to assist you.

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