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Many times it is a possibility that there is no occasion but one still would like to eat some cake. There is also a possibility during group hangouts that everyone who wants to eat cake, prefer different flavours. This is the time when pastries come in handy as they are prepared portion-wise, enough to serve one person each. We have various styles of pastries available. Let us take a look.

Walnut brownie with chocolate sauce is a chocolate ganache brownie, which is loaded with walnuts and topped with sinful chocolate sauce. This can be eaten warm or cold. Chocolate lovers are sure to fall in love with this lip-smacking dessert.

Fruit pastry is a light and airy dessert, it is also a healthy snack option as it has fruits in it! Serving one, it is a beautiful combination of fruit, cream and cake making for a delicious treat. Children will enjoy this dessert.

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The Oreo pastry will be an instant favourite among children and adults alike. Topped with Oreos as well, this scrumptious dessert will surely turn your ordinary day into a happy one. If you wish to order this as an online pastry delivery, that can be possible too.

Choco chip pastries are classic, dark chocolate pastries everyone adores. The best part about this pastry is that it is garnished with dark chocolate chips making it an amazing dessert to gorge on.

The butterscotch pastry is also another classic flavour with chewy caramel garnishing in every bite. This one will be a good sugar rush for children and no matter what occasion, they will love it.

Red velvet pastries taste as good as they look. With an extreme colour combination of red and white, it is sure to entice you when it melts in your mouth with every bite.

Black forest pastry is also a classic pastry, this one is majorly loved by people of all ages. It is a combination of chocolate, cream, cake and fruit. They make for a delightful combination. Requesting for a pastry delivery of this special dessert will make you very happy.

We have a huge catalogue of desserts, besides pastries, for all occasions. If you would like to make a request or make a query, please visit us at or call us and we shall be delighted to assist you!

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