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Nike Air Jordan dior Shoe Theme Cake


A unique customised themed birthday cake for a shoe lover.The weight of this cake is 1.5 kg. It is a fully fondant cake with chocolate truffle flavour inside. The minimum weight for this cake is 1kg which will be priced at Rs. 2000. You can also customise flavour and design. We also make similar themed realistic cakes like car theme cake, avengers cake, football cake and many more too good to believe cakes.

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Nike air jordan dior shoe theme cake in Pune

Do you know someone in Pune who really likes sports and is in love with shoes? Indeed, these shoes are premium designer wear meant for the most exclusive fans. Why not get them something they can eat? Gift them a Nike air jordan dior shoe theme cake in Pune to celebrate! It may be any occasion from their birthday or to celebrate a win in their life. This cake is made to look like this famous shoe type and is completely edible in any flavour you prefer! Do contact us to book the special Nike air jordan dior shoe theme cake in Pune today.