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Alphabet Cake

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Alphabet Cake

Is your special someone's name starting with ‘G’ or ‘I’? Want to give her them a ‘G’ -shaped cake as a surprise? We got your back. We provide a variety of alphabet cakes online, including cakes for the letters M, B, C, D, and many more letters. Is the person you love a vegetarian? Don’t worry then too, since we have eggless versions of all our heavenly items.

Alphabet Cake Themes

The designed alphabet cake is special and makes it easy to meet your friends. Sending alphabet cakes to their location would make your greetings even more beautiful and will make her feel unique. We will work with you to add vibrant cakes with alphabet themes to make the celebrations special and beautiful. The freshness emanating from the alphabet cakes will entice everyone at the party and make them want to try them. CakExpo offers midnight and same-day delivery of alphabet cakes throughout India. We are accessible at all times to deliver fresh cakes on schedule, and that too, in excellent shape. 

Alphabet Cakes Flavours

Fondant Alphabet Cakes

A scrumptious alphabet cake makes the occasion much more fun. With its mouthwatering flavour, this exquisite fondant cake will make the party celebration shine. Bringing this delicious cake in the initial letter of their name might be a nice birthday surprise for your cherished someone. To see them beam with joy, get this cake from CakExpo and have it delivered right to your home!

Buttercream Alphabet Cake

We all love buttercream cakes and these creamy alphabet cakes make everyone’s mouth water. They are customized to the initials of your loved ones and are made in their favourite flavours. Special accents are added to enhance the beauty and flavour of the cake.

Alphabet Cheesecake

Who does not like a good cheesecake right? But they are generally made in the round or square shapes. However, CakExpo bakers have converted the round cheesecakes into your favourite alphabet cakes! Who would have thought that?

As it is so unique, it adds a surprise element to the party. It looks like an alphabet cream cake, but the insides are filled with cheesy goodness.

Alphabet Cupcake Set

Available in multiple flavours, these alphabet cupcake sets let you put 7-8 characters in one set. You can have your friend’s name written or your colleagues and made them feel special. Since these alphabet birthday cakes are completely customized, your friend will know that you have planned it only for them.

Alphabet Cake Price

The alphabet theme cakes are generally 1 to 2 kilograms in size. So, the starting price of it is Rs. 900 for 1 kg. The 2 kg cakes are priced at Rs. 1500 to RS. 2000 approximately.


What flavours are alphabet cakes?

CakExpo has many special flavours for alphabet cakes. Rosy ras malai, dark chocolate truffles, vanilla cheesecake, buttery butterscotch or creamy vanilla, we have made alphabet cakes in all of these flavours. We also customize them, so if your favourite flavour is not incorporated here, put in a request and we will have it made for you.

What is alphabet cake called?

An alphabet cake is also known as a name letter cake. 

How do you keep the letter cake moist?

You can keep the cake wet by misting it with syrup if it is left out for an extended amount of time. It can be done by drenching the sponge's edges with heated syrup, but avoid drowning it. Because the syrup keeps absorbing moisture from the air, it will continue to stay moist for a few days. Also, sugar draws moisture from the atmosphere.

How many servings are in a letter cake?

The serving for a letter cake depends on the quantity you are getting. As they are filled and topped with buttercream, a letter cake of medium size can easily serve 6-9 people. The larger ones have the capacity to serve 18-20 people. 

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