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Dark Chocolate Cake

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Getting a birthday dark chocolate cake as a surprise might be the best thing ever. It feels like heaven to a chocolate lover, right? The only thing you can say after taking a bite of this jaw-dropping dark chocolate birthday cake is, “So Yum,” and we would love to hear it. Since its sweetness may revive your spirit and make you feel amazing, this cake flavor is also regarded as one of the best mood boosters. The only thing you need to satiate your cravings and keep you happy during the holiday season is a thick, creamy overdose of delicious dark chocolate cake. People often say, “Cakes are the only sweeter remedy for every problem.” That's accurate! Life can be challenging at times. 

Find Online Dark Chocolate Cake Designs

CakExpo offers you the greatest tasting and most enticing selection of chocolate cakes. Our selection of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cakes essentially features the best black chocolate cakes in the most attractive designs.

Best Dark Chocolate Mouse Cake

In this mousse cake, unflavored natural cocoa powder and dark cocoa powder are used to give it an extra rich flavor. A condensed dark chocolate mousse filling and semi-sweet chocolate ganache are used to cover the cake. The best dark chocolate mouse cake is also available in a pullme up form, which adds extra fun to the party.

Exotic Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake

This is a classic that I believe we've all heard about before. We all grew up eating delicious old-fashioned chocolate truffle cakes, and they bring back so many wonderful memories. We can challenge that a dark chocolate truffle cake is one of the cakes richest in flavours. This decadent dark chocolate cake radiates romantic vibes and is perfect for anniversaries, engagements, and Valentine’s Day celebrations. 

Dark Temptation Cake

You can call this dark temptation cake a CakExpo speciality. A rich black chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and topped with cherries, it is deliciousness in a package. 

Explore Dark chocolate cake prices

Dark chocolate birthday cakes are one of CakExpo’s specialities. We make them in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Some of the themes you can choose for these cakes are Batman, roses, and hearts. Each of them can be made into the quantity you want- 500gm, 1 kg, or 2 kgs, depending on which, the price varies. For example, a dark chocolate cake 1 kg price comes around Rs.1000-1200 where as that of an half kg costs around Rs. 600-800. These cakes are made with eggs, but you can also opt for the eggless ones. 



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