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Friends Theme Cake

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Friends Theme Cake

Friends is a beloved comedy series, and we enjoy baking cakes featuring its iconic characters. We can make any of your favourite Friends decorations, such as the recognizable yellow photo frame on the purple door or the coffee mug from Central Perk, to put on your cake. Could this possibly be cooler? Certainly NOT.

FRIENDS Theme Cake designs

We know how obsessed the FRIENDS lover are with the show, and any goodies from the show make them excited and exhilarated. So just imagine how happy they would be if you surprise them with a FRIENDS theme cake on their birthday. Go through the following designs and choose the best one for them.

FRIENDS Central Park Theme Cake

Central park has been the hangout zone for the group and it has found a special place in our hearts. This cake symbolizes the couch where the group has sat every day and enjoyed their coffee. So who needs a couch, when you have the yellow couch on the cake itself? If your partner is a FRIENDS fanatic, gift them this central park theme FRIENDS cake and they will shower you with more and more love.

FRIENDS Apartment Cake

Chandler’s and Monica’s apartment is one of the most famous icons of the show, and this cake presents it in such a realistic way. Made in chocolate base and purple icing, this cake houses the door of the apartment, edible peals and chocolate. This one is made of buttercream but it can also be customized in fondant.

FRIENDS Cast Theme Cake

This unique cake features the main characters of the show – Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe and Ross. Baked in rich choco mocha flavour, this FRIENDS theme cake is entirely edible. It also holds the famous FRIENDS couch and has your favourite character sitting on top. 

FRIENDS Birthday Cake

“The one where Rachel turns 30” is one of our favourite dialogues from the show. We picked the line and made a cake with it, making it ideal for gifting on birthdays. And what more? This cake is pure veg fondant cake which is available in flavours of chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, paan pasand, gulkand, blueberry and much more.

FRIENDS Cake price

As there are various designs in the FRIENDS theme cake, the price range is also wide. Starting from approximately Rs. 800, the price range goes to Rs. 2500. You can also put in customization requests.


How many days does the FRIENDS theme fondant cake stay fresh?

A fondant theme FRIENDS cake may stay fresh for 4-6 days if properly refrigerated.

What is the price of 1 kg FRIENDS cake?

There is plenty of 1 kg FRIENDS theme cakes available at CakExpo and the price is approximately Rs. 1500.

Why is FRIENDS cake so popular?

FRIENDS is the most popular comedy show and is liked by people all around the world. So, FRIENDS cake is very well-liked and always in demand.

How many days does it take to deliver FRIENDS cake?

CakExpo takes only a minimum time to deliver any cake. You can put in an order 5-6 days prior for a customized cake and have it delivered on the birthday night. 


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