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Gym Theme Cake

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GYM Theme Cake

CakExpo is known for creating amazing cakes for any occasion and everyone in the family. Our gym theme cakes are visually stunning and delicious, featuring all of the accessories. Surprise your loved ones with bodybuilder-themed cakes for the gym owner or unique photo cakes from us. Our cakes contain a lot of love in addition to the ingredients. Every time you purchase a cake from CakExpo, you get the best service.

Gym Cake Designs

Most of the gym-themed cakes are curated out of fondant and gum paste. They are specially customized based on our customers' needs. Extra accents or added or removed based on their requirements. However, most of our readymade designs are well-liked by buyers, and you can also choose from one of them.

Bodybuilder Cake

Now that your gains have started to manifest, reward yourself with this decadent birthday cake with a unique gym theme. We know you've been training and exercising hard, so this gym-themed cake is your reward!

Or, if you do not train, then this gym enthusiast cake is for the man in your life who is happiest while running on a treadmill or after bench pressing more than 200 pounds. Definitely, you cannot keep count of calories while serving this cake because it is composed of all sugary treats.

Fitness Theme Cake

Life is far too short to say “No” to cakes, thus, CakExpo presents you with a melt-in-your-mouth gym cake for folks who are health-conscious. This cake is made especially for the special person in your life whose day begins with a workout at the gym. 

It is a pineapple-flavoured fondant cake showcasing gym equipment, weights, and dumbbells. It is fully edible and contains very less amount of calories. Hence, do not wait up. Surprise your loved one by delivering this delectable dessert to his door with our one-day delivery services.

Gym Lover's Theme Cake

CakExpo definitely raises the bar when it comes to gym cake designs. For example, take this one – it is a gym theme cake that comes in a white base and is decorated with fondant accents on the bottom. A fondant figurine is seen enjoying his workout whilst the weights and kettles are lying around. For flavours, you can choose chocolate, pineapple, vanilla, butterscotch, or strawberry.

Gym Theme Cake Price

Our gym theme cakes come in 500 and 1000-gm variations. Being made of fondant, the starting prices of these cakes are Rs. 800. There are also several options in the price range of Rs. 1200 – Rs. 1800, which you can check out listed here.


What does a gym cake taste like?

All of CakExpo's cakes are flavourful and wholesome. The gym cakes made by our bakers contain freshly baked sponge in your favourite flavour enrobed in a fondant sheet. Fondant accents are also added as toppers. The fondant accents taste sweet and chocolate, whereas the base tastes rich in flavour. 

What is the cost of a 1 kg Gym lovers cake?

A one kg CakExpo Gym lovers cake amounts to Rs. 1500-1600. However, the price varies slightly depending on the flavour and design you choose. 

How thick should gym cake layers be?

When cooked, the layers of gym cake should each be about 2 inches high. Several layers can be stacked together and filled with cream or covered in fondant.

How do you make a gym theme cake?

Each of our gym cakes is handmade by our home bakers. They first create a design, bake the base sponge, prepare fondant sheets, and size it out. Then they prepare fondant accents and assemble them together on the top of the cake. They remain fresh for 2-3 days after being purchased and cut. 

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