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Harry Potter Theme cake

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Harry Potter Theme Cake

With this Harry Potter birthday cake for kids, created especially for the little wizards who are members of your family, CakExpo is here to bring some magic into your lives, much like Hogwarts. We have everything covered in our Harry Potter cake, whether you are seeking Potterhead stuff or something tasty.

Harry Potter Cake Designs

Harry Potter Theme Cake

With this Harry Potter-themed birthday cake design created especially for your child's birthday cake, Hogwarts is here to bring some magic into your lives. We have everything you need, including “happy birthday Harry” and Potterhead kids' birthday cakes. This Harry Potter cake has a heavenly, marble-like base and is decorated with a magic wand, the movie's emblem, and a sign with the word Harry Potter prominently placed on top.

The Snitch Cake

Through this cake, which I am sure Harry Potter and his companions will like, a tiny bit of the wizarding realm has just made a delightful entry into CakExpo. Harry's specs, a golden snitch, and his initials are imprinted in gold on this intense black Harry Potter-themed birthday cake.

Harry Potter Theme Birthday Cake

You may be spellbound at CakExpo right away thanks to the Hogwarts Express! Everybody will be charmed by this iconic Harry Potter-themed dessert. This cake, which is full of intricate features and accents, is the ideal addition to any Harry Potter celebration. Additionally, it is still amazing even if you do not have a theme. Get transported to London’s school of magic and let yourself indulge in the magical island.

Harry Potter Horcrux Cake

If you are a Harry Potter fanatic, you will definitely know about the Horcruxes. This cake features one of those. It is a lookalike of Voldemort’s dairy with the golden snitch sitting on top. It is entirely made up of fondant with accents of the sorting hat, Harry’s glasses, wand, and scarf. The base flavour can be customized to your choice.

Harry Potter Pinata Cake

As the Hogwart’s students play with the snitch, you get to play with this Harry Potter Pinata cake. You can order this for a fun-filled party and break it to reveal the surprise cake inside. The cake is made with ras malai flavour and is also eggless.


What flavour is Harry's cake?

Harry Potter's birthday cake, according to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, is “a huge, gooey, and delectable chocolate cake with Happy Birthday Harry inscribed on it with green icing.” Exactly that is what this dessert is! Instead of Harry, your child’s name will be inscribed with the peculiar green icing instead.

What is the cake in Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter cake works best for birthday celebrations. It comes in a variety of flavours that your child can enjoy such as chocolate, and other fruit flavours as well. However, if they would prefer to try out something new, then they can also enjoy this cake in a mix of butterscotch and marshmallows that can be a spellbinding dessert and create a core memory for your child. A taste they will enjoy forever.

How do you make a Harry Potter cake?

You have to pick a design for yourself, or if you do not have a design or theme in mind, you can choose from the ones we have available here. A Harry Potter cake is made on the theme of the movie. Accents of fondant or buttercream are then added on top of the base.

What is the Harry Potter theme cake Price?

A Harry Potter theme cake price can range anywhere between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2500, depending on the size and flavours you choose.

What is the price of a Harry Potter book cake?

The price of a Harry Potter book cake is Rs. 1999 where you get one kg of the cake.


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