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Ombre Cake

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Ombre Cake

Ombre cakes are known to be showstoppers at birthdays and parties. The pretty colours and the ombre setting are a treat to the eyes! You can go for buttercream or fondant ones and surprise your kids, families and friends. Please have a look at our Ombre cakes and select one for yourself!

Ombre Cake Designs

Blue Ombre Cake

This cake's multiple colours are created by blending several pastel hues in a free-flowing, creative pattern. This rich cake is decorated with edible glitter and sugar pearls. This cake's ombre design gives it a captivating elegance that is both aesthetically beautiful and delicious. It is filled with chocolate goodness but can also be made in other flavours as well. 

Ombre Effect Cake

With this strawberry ombre cake design, the holy trinity of chocolate—milk, dark, and white—comes to life. This eats made with all of your senses in mind. It goes without saying that this ombre cake design will provide you with the freshest ingredients in the richest flavours when it comes to taste. Furthermore, it is made in a hello kitty theme and decorated with a pink theme to make it much more appealing. 

Ombre Rosette Cake

Buttercream rosettes are such a simple and elegant way to design a cake on their own. A stunningly lovely ombre rosette cake is the result of adding ombre frosting to the mixture. So makes, this cake, our ombre rosette cake, bring the best to the table. Cut one piece and have a slice to experience the deliciousness of the cake.

Ombre White Chocolate Rosette Cake

Birthday parties can be made a little more exciting by including a cake that is both gorgeous and delicious. For a birthday or anniversary, surprise someone with this ombre-coloured cake and watch their face light up! The cake's creamy rosettes will undoubtedly make for some finger-licking celebrations, and the white chocolate will make it even more memorable. 

Ombre Cake Prices

Some beauties are priceless, and so are our ombre cakes. These timeless pieces are something that will be in your memories forever. So, do not wait to give it a second thought and grab our ombre cake pieces for just Rs. 700 – Rs. 800. At this price, you will get a delicious 500 gm treat and a lifetime of memories.


Why is ombre cake named so?

Ombre is a French name that literally transfers to 'shadow'. It is derived from the verb' ombrer.' It refers to a technique that makes it appear as though one colour hue is fading into the next, from dark to light.

What is ombre cake?

An ombre cake is a buttercream cake where the ombre technique is used to decorate the cake. More than two colours of frosting are used, and they blend into each other like shadows. The flavours of the ombre cakes are up to your choice, but they are mostly known for their beautiful appearance.

How do you do an ombre effect on a cake?

There are a few steps you would need to follow to do an ombre effect on a cake. We have listed them here. Get the cake ready. Fill and stack your cake layers. Choose your colour scheme (three to four colours) and determine the shade you want for the cake's top. Frost the top, colour the buttercream and begin piping. Mix and repeat, spread out and smooth out the frosting, and blend the colours.

How do you ice a cake with two colours? 

You need to prepare icing of two colours. With the help of food colouring, prepare two colours of icing of your choice. Spread one of them at the bottom of the cake. Next, layer the second colour of icing on the top, blending it perfectly with the first one.


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Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers
Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers
Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers
Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers
Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers