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PubG Theme Cake

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PubG Theme Cake

Since PUBG's debut, players have gone wild, making it one of the most-played video games ever. Perhaps the game's attractiveness was influenced by the phone's connection, beautiful visuals, and excellent playing strategies. In reality, almost every player has tried PUBG, and the majority of them enjoy it. Since no one wants to quit playing, don't be shocked if you see someone playing PUBG for hours at a time. So keeping in mind those fanatics, CakExpo has launched some of the trendiest PubG-themed cakes which are a must-try.

PubG Theme Cake Designs

PubG Battle Ground Theme Cake

The finest cake for fans of the game is PUBG Battleground Cake. The entire staff at CakExpo is on hand to prepare these delectable cakes and bring them right to your house. Isn't it lovely to see how we are all connected to one another and how these things bring us closer together?

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner PubG Theme Cake

The favourite catchline of the game turned into a cake. A delicious cake with a Pubg theme is the ideal way to show your love and best wishes to a person who enjoys both dessert and the game. A spherical cake covered with gorgeous fondant miniatures of guns, ammunition, and rocket launchers—all the necessary elements for capturing the battlefield and the hearts of PUBG fans. Order this PUBG Winning Moment Cake to wow your loved ones.

PubG Theme Fondant Cake

Make your friends' birthdays unforgettable by presenting them with this thoughtful gift, which comes in the form of this tasty cake. Yes, this cake would make the ideal birthday present for your loved ones who are PUBG gaming addicts. This 1.5-kilogram cake, which depicts the PUBG game's battleground and is wrapped with fondant is chocolate heaven.

PubG Theme Eggless Cake

How can CakExpo disappoint vegetarian PubG lovers? They need a way to celebrate their winner-winner chicken dinner too, and this eggless PubG theme cake definitely makes this possible. It is a fresh semi-fondant cake in butterscotch flavour. Decorated with PubG gaming stuff, it seems that the cake has brought the game to life itself.

PubG Theme Cake Price

PubG wins calls for a big party, and a big party calls for a big cake. However, do not worry because we have everything in our reserve. From a 500 gm to a 1000 gm PubG cake, we have it all. You can easily browse them by visiting our website where the price of each cake is listed below the image of the cake. Approximately ranging between Rs. 800-1200, you will easily find a cake big enough to cater your party. 


How many characters are there in PUBG mobile?

There used to be 4 characters in PUBG Mobile, however, it was recently revealed that a new character called Anna has been added. As a result, there are now 5 characters in PUBG Mobile. Each of these individuals has a unique backstory as well as identifying characteristics.

Who made the PubG game owner's name?

Brendan Greene, better known by his online alias PlayerUnknown, who previously developed the ARMA 2 mod DayZ: Battle Royale, an offshoot of the well-liked mod DayZ and inspired by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale, was in charge of the game's concept and design.

Can PubG cake be gifted to girls?

PubG is not only famous amongst guys but also girls too. So, PubG cake can be gifted to girls easily. However, if you want something unique and curated, we take those requests too.

What is the price of 1 kg PubG cake?

The price of 1 kg PubG cake is Rs. 1500.

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