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Vancho Cake

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Vancho Cake

There come times when we cannot decide what we want, or we want both! We want chocolate as well as vanilla, and we want both in one. For those times, Vancho cake becomes our savior. It gives us the pleasantness of vanilla and the satisfaction of sweetness. Getting amazing Vancho cakes is only a few clicks away. CakExpo has a wide range of Vancho cake collections which are simply irresistible.

Vancho Cake Designs

The Vancho cakes at CakExpo are not only appetizing to the mouth, but also to the eyes. They are available in a wide range of designs that go well with many parties, like birthdays, anniversaries, get-togethers, and baby showers. The most fascinating of them are:

Red Vancho Cake

Red Vancho Cake is a very exquisite cake created with the best maida powder, butter, fresh cream, vanilla, and sweet cream cheese frosting. Rich condensed milk slathered on top enhances the flavor. Your taste buds will be in overdrive after one bite of our Red Vancho cake. This mouthwatering Red Vancho cake is a perfect treat for your upcoming birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion. 

White Vancho Cake

Soft vanilla and dark chocolate sponge with a rich chocolate cream filling and a whole lot of dark, white truffles, this white Vancho cake satiates all. It makes a perfect birthday present too!

Golden Vancho Cake

 A golden Vancho cake is not like any other dessert. It is a delicacy that satisfies the soul. Drenched in vanilla butterscotch and chocolate flavor, every bite of the cake feels like an explosion in the mouth.

Dark Vancho Cake

Vancho is a blend of vanilla and chocolate. Dark Vancho means chocolate cream inside with a four-layer combination of chocolate and vanilla sponge, to which dark and white chocolate truffles are added. These dark Vancho cakes are very exquisite and, when presented to someone, express the love you feel for them.

Chocolate Vancho Cake

A Mouth-Watering Combination of Vanilla and Chocolate Cake for Everyone with a White Truffle Garnish. This chocolate Vancho cake is one of CakExpo’s specialties. It suits well for office gatherings, family gatherings, and outdoor parties because everyone seems to be fond of this flavor combination.

Vancho Cake Price

The Vancho cakes at CakExpo are beautifully crafted. The delicate work of frosting, sprinkles, and accents makes it so appealing to the eyes. We must thank our bakers for these awesome cake designs. However, these beautiful cakes will not make a hole in your pocket. The Vancho cake price is kept affordable so that everyone can have a taste of it. The Vancho cake 1 kg price is only Rs. 1000 which is enough to feed a party of 20-25 people.


Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers
Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers
Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers
Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers
Save ₹100 Vanilla Chocolate Flavour Cake (Vancho Cake) Designs, Images, Price Near Me
Get Price & More Options From 2-3 Bakers