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Customized Cake in Mumbai


We at CakExpo, are proud to announce that we now create and deliver customized cakes in Mumbai. The best part about our services at CakExpo is that you do not need to go out and visit various shops to hunt for the perfect cake for your special occasion. All you need to do is visit our website at, find a cake you like and you can have it customized. Our team of home bakers are very innovative, skilled, and experienced and they prepare your cake the way you like it. You can be assured that the cakes will be extremely soft and fresh, because, we do not prepare cakes before confirmation. All our cakes and desserts are prepared only after we receive your order confirmation.

Is this your first year of marriage? Do you wish to celebrate your grandmother’s birthday with a mouth-watering cake? No worries, we will prepare a delectable cake of your choice that will be suitable for your special occasion. Simply let us know which flavour, size, colour, and design you prefer. 


We can deliver the customized cake in Mumbai on the same day if you require it or any other day you would like. You just have to relax and tell us how and when you want it and we shall make sure it reaches you at that time. This way, if you are planning a special surprise event for your loved one, they will definitely cherish it and remember it for their lifetime, and appreciate you more for it. 


Cakes have become an important part of many occasions and celebrations. As a symbol of affection and care, they are highly recommended. They assist you in expressing your deepest feelings in the most effective manner imaginable. As a result, you can quickly order and send customized cakes in Mumbai to your special someone’s home to express your love and care.


With a customized cake in Mumbai from CakExpo, it will be easy to show your favourite people just how much you love and care for them. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website and place an order now.