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Customized Cake in Thane

Given the times we are in, it is not practical to go outside and look around shops for the perfect kind of customized cake in Thane. And, even if you do manage to get it, it would require a few trips up and down till you receive the cake. How about sitting in the comfort of your own home and ordering the perfect customized cake in Thane from CakExpo?


That’s right, you do not need to step out at all. Just let us do the work for you! You can now order a customized cake in thane from home. All you have to do is, visit our website at Go through the brochure and select a cake you wish to surprise your special one with and get in touch with us!


Once your order is confirmed, we shall connect you with our top home bakers who can prepare your cake as per your requirements and specifications. Our home bakers are all carefully selected. They are very innovative and skilful so you can be relaxed that the best person will be baking your cake. Whether you order a customized cake in Thane or a regular cake, our cakes are always prepared fresh, only after receiving your order.


There are many ideas for customized cakes in Thane. Children these days do not have to stick to traditional chocolate cakes, etc. Simply by ordering from the comfort of the home, parents can now gift their child customized cake in Thane.


But what types of cakes? Any! For example, boys generally love superhero cakes or racing car cakes in various colours. Whereas, girls would love garden or flowery design cakes, if not cakes related to princesses. Cakes can be customized according to the event as well! Motorcyclists can order a motorcycle-themed cake while to be grooms can request a tuxedo cake styled elegantly. Order customized cake in Thane that suits your celebration!


The number of variations to how customized a cake can be are endless. So what are you waiting for? Find a cake you wish to surprise your loved one with, order it and make their day a memorable one. They will definitely never forget your gesture for them and maybe one day they will surprise you for your special occasion as well. At CakExpo, we have a wide range to choose from or you can order customized cake in Thane!