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Knives are incredibly versatile tools that have been a part of human history for centuries. In 2023, there’s a wide array of folding knife styles. Each style has its unique design, making, and usage.

10 Best Folding Knife Styles You Should Consider in 2023

  1. Gentlemen’s Knife

A Gentlemen’s folding knife is a refined and stylish tool designed for everyday use. It’s meant to be compact, slim, and discreet, slipping effortlessly into a pocket and matching any attire. One of its distinct features is a non-threatening, non-locking blade design, typically under three inches in length. 

A Gentlemen’s knife often employs slip joint mechanisms, ensuring safe operation without locking. Weight matters, too; these knives are light and razor-sharp to be genuinely useful in your daily tasks. After all, what good is a knife if it can’t cut? A Gentleman’s knife embodies practicality with a touch of style. 

  1. Tactical Knife

Tactical knives are one of those no-nonsense tools that can handle rough situations. These knives are designed to be sturdy and highly functional. Crafted using durable materials like stainless steel and G-10 handles, they’re built to withstand the most demanding conditions. Tactical knives are the number one choice of adventurers and military personnel. They are designed for self-defense and survival conditions.  

  1. Trapper Knife

A Trapper knife is a classic folding knife known for its two blades: a clip point and a spey blade. These knives are versatile, with some models having one, three, four, or even five blades.  

These knives are designed for practical use and come with comfortable handles made of wood or bone. They use a simple mechanism to keep the blades in place during work.

Originally, Trapper knives were used for skinning animals. This is why they are considered nostalgic. Nowadays, a Trapper knife is used for everyday tasks like cutting rope and preparing food.

  1. Hunting Knife

As the name suggests, a hunting knife is the preferred tool of outdoor adventurers and hunters. These knives are typically crafted from high-quality stainless steel or carbon steel, which ensures durability and sharpness. The handle materials vary, often including wood, bone, or synthetic materials for a comfortable grip. 

The folding mechanism allows the blade to be safely folded into the handle when not used, minimizing the risk of accidents. These knives excel at field dressing, skinning, and butchering games, making them a reliable companion for anyone heading out into the wilderness.

  1. Slip Joint Knife

Slip joint knives are classic and straightforward, featuring a folding mechanism without a lock. What makes them unique is their slip-joint mechanism – it’s like a spring that holds the blade open but doesn’t lock it. 

Slip joints are versatile for everyday tasks like opening packages or cutting fruit. They don’t have a one-hand opening feature, so they’re safer. These knives usually come with two blades, one straight and one for minor, delicate cuts.

  1. Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army knife is a true multitool icon. This folding knife boasts a variety of integrated tools within a compact frame. Precision-engineered with stainless steel components, it’s an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts. It features essentials like blades, screwdrivers, and bottle openers, making it a versatile all-in-one companion.

  1. Serrated Edge Knife

Serrated edge knives are known for their slicing power. Its distinguished feature, the serrated edge, is ideal for cutting through tough materials, such as rope, cardboard, and even some types of food, such as bread. These pocket-sized knives are easy to carry and perfect for outdoor camping and hiking. Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or just someone who needs a tool for everyday use, a Serrated Edge knife is the answer. 

  1. Lockback Knife

Lockback knives are designed with security in mind. They have a unique feature that sets them apart: a sturdy back lock that keeps the blade firmly in place when it’s open. This mechanism prevents accidental closures while you’re using the knife.

These knives often have a single, strong blade that’s easy to open with one hand. Lockback knives are versatile and useful for cutting, slicing, and even carving.

What’s great is that when you’re done, you can simply press a release on the handle to fold the blade back in. 

  1. Butterfly Pocket Knife

Butterfly folding knives, or balisong knives, stand out with their unique design. These knives have two handles that rotate around the blade, making them distinctive and a bit like a magic trick.

One unique feature is the smooth flipping action, making them fun to handle. However, don’t forget the practical usage of these folding knives. The compact design makes them handy for everyday chores, such as opening packages and cutting rope, and for more tough tasks, such as martial arts. 

  1. Custom Pocket Knife

Lastly, we have Custom Pocket knives, which are all about individuality. They’re unique and personalized, often handcrafted or tailored to specific preferences. You can choose the type of steel for the blade, like stainless or high carbon. The handle material can be personalized with wood, bone, or colorful synthetic options for a comfortable and stylish grip. You can also get customized engravings or logos made on it. Moreover, they make the perfect gift for people interested in knives. 

And that’s all. These top 10 folding knives of 2023 can help you find your next favorite knife.