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Cake Designs For Men

In most families of India, men are the bread earners of the family. Thus, browsing through cake designs for men, well in advance before making a decision is a good idea. This would ensure that you have enough time to choose the perfect cake for them. This would also make them feel very appreciated and loved as well.

A lot of men have a strong personality that gleams of refined touch as well as leadership skills. Keeping this in mind, simple cake designs for men may not hold worthy in their eyes as they love events and food that goes out of its way to be presentable in terms of how it looks and it tastes.

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Theme Cake Designs for Men

One of the most popular cake designs for men is the beer mug cake. Designed in the same of a beer mug, it has a very bold theme to it. This cake would be suitable for men who love beer, whether they are single or married. The best part about this cake is that it can be made in any flavour in the inside, with a caramel frosting on the outside. It has a lot of whipping cream as the frosting on the top to represent the foam from beer.

Among other popular cake designs for men is the motorcycle cake. Men love their motorcycles and customizing it to have dashing personalities as they consider it to be an extension of themselves. Riding out in open air for hours is a hobby for a lot of men. If the person you are buying a cake for loves motorcycles, then they will definitely love this cake as well.

Another popular cake which men will surely love is the tuxedo cake. It goes without saying that men wear tuxedos at the most fashionable events, whether it is a grand party or celebration, or a wedding, or a birthday party. Regardless of the event men in tuxedos stand out. Hence, a tuxedo cake would stand out from the crowd as well.

Browse Theme Cake Designs for Men

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