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Fresh Cream vs Fondant cake

Cakes have become an integral part of all celebrations in India. They now make for a majority of the desserts that are served in most of the Indian households on occasions that are summoned on short notice. However, there are some concerns among the cake consumers that are not much confusion, but still many do want to find out more about it.

Fondant And Fresh Cream

Every cake has a creamy substance in it, whether it is between the spongy layers of cake or a thin or thick layer of the same creamy substance over it. This layer of cream is either made of fondant or fresh cream. Both add the essential charm and sweetness to the cake that people love to eat. But each of them is different from another. Their ingredients, recipe, and how they add taste, texture, and feel to the cake; everything is absolutely different from others. It would be good to understand each in a separate manner for better comprehension and selection.

What Is Fondant?

It is mostly used as icing, to sculpt or decorate the cakes. Its main ingredients are glycerol, vegetable fat, gelatine, sugar, and water. Here poured fondant is in thick liquid form, while rolled fondant is similar to stiffened clay. Now fondant names have been derived from the “Fonder” word of the French language, which roughly translates “to Melt”. The origin of this word has its roots in foundry and fondue. But the fondant that the French referred to was a sugar glaze, which was supposed to be put hot on all the pastries such as mile-feuille.

What Is Fresh Cream?

The majority of the supermarkets have it. The fat content in it is always 25%, which is used mostly for keeping the layers of cake together. As its fat content is below 30%, it cannot be adequately whipped and thus shaped for cake decoration. However, the use of fresh cream in cakes makes the final product more delicious and not excessively sweet. Furthermore, the cake remains moist, yet not overly wet to stick in the mouth with tongue and tooth.

Benefits And Disadvantages


It is an excellent cake icing and could also be used for sticking the layers of cake together to make a bigger cake. However, it is overly sweet and most children love it; but adults don’t go beyond one piece of it.

Fresh Cream

Although it cannot be used for decoration of the cake, but with some natural additives and flavors, it can bring more flavor to a cake, by being in think or thick layers between the cake.

In short, if you can’t decide on which one you should take, just remember that children like the sweetness of fondant, while adults prefer the subtle taste of fresh cream. Now telling the baker, what is the ratio of both in the occasion, will help you get the right cake.