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Delicious Cakes For Your Kid’s Birthday in Pune

Paw Patrol Cake

Kids are obsessed with Paw Patrol cake in Pune and this cartoon as the stories here revolve around dogs. They are animals kids may even have as pets at home. The show educates the kids about the value of teamwork, and that animals are our friends, thus imbibing good values in them. Parents and kids are sure to love these characters and bring them home for the birthday.

Lego Cake

Legos are colorful yet educational building toys consisting of bricks and other attachments, universally loved by not only kids but even parents. Thus, its popularity makes it easier to now buy Lego cakes in Pune. It brings out the artist and inspires people to build great things from buildings to life-size models. Such an inspiration would make a birthday absolutely grand for everyone at the party as everyone most importantly the kids, will fall in love with it.

Sponge Bob Cake

The main character, a sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea as kids identify with, is one of theirs as well as their parent’s favorites. The reason being that it imbibes great values like optimism, teamwork, and honesty from a young age through humor and comedy which makes it easy to understand and also helps them in the future. It is a colorful cake which kids would be grateful to have at their birthday party.

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There are even more kids cakes available in our brochure from standard cakes to cartoon designer or customizable cakes which will make your special occasion an event one will never forget. If you would like to browse through our cakes, please visit and it will be our pleasure to help you.