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Creative Design Ideas For First Birthday Cake Of Your Child

The first birthday celebration of the child is indeed a joyous moment for the parents. It also makes them want to organise everything on a grand scale. This includes pondering over the cake design ideas for the first birthday. As there will certainly be some grown-up children in the celebration, so the design of the cake should be appealing to the eyes first before everyone has a piece of it.

Attractive Cake Designs For First Birthday Celebration

Indeed, it is extremely difficult to finalise on the design, but if one considers theme cakes for the first birthday, then it would be somewhat of an easy task to achieve. However, it is also to be kept in mind that a girl child may find some specific designs attractive, while a boy child may not like the same design. Hence, the selection has to be made according to their liking and not specifically by gender. Below are some ideas for cake designs that will work out well for the first birthday party of the child.

  1. Flower Theme Cake: Colourful flowers are a rage among children who find it extremely appealing if it is their favourite flower they are elated. Ensuring that the peculiar cake has the taste and scent that the child adores, would be making the child happier. Many pastry and cake makers expertise in creating such cakes. Discussing with them on the flower theme and choosing the right design with perfect taste would certainly make the first birthday celebration a lovely occasion.

2. Unicorn With Rainbow: This is meant for children who have wild dreams and an attachment with rainbows in the background, while unicorns on the foreground. They make for one of the amazing first birthday cake designs. Using pastel colours with a matching theme colour for the decoration of the birthday party would get the celebration set in the right mood for everyone.

3. Favourite Animal: Every child has his or her favourite animal. Getting a cake created with the favourite animal mounted atop it or getting the cake made peculiarly in the shape of that animal will definitely appeal to everyone in the celebration. Do note that there are bird theme cakes as well which are loved by children and parents alike.

4. Super Hero: With many superhero movies and animations coming in different channels, which children watch. It would be a great theme for the birthday cake. Doing a bit more research and ensuring that the cake expert has done such themes in the past, would have the right superhero cake created for the celebration.

At times, parents will feel overwhelmed in their search for the right cake design for the first birthday of their child; but in the end, the efforts will be worth the happiness of the child.


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