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One of the most important elements of the cake is the cake design and on this very special day, it is important to get this magnification cake very special to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. The wedding cake is essentially a centerpiece of any wedding reception and this element has become more and more unique and customized according to the desire of the bride and groom.

Edible and Non-edible Animated Couple Miniatures

This super cute and adorable couple miniature adds the right amount of personality to the wedding cake and makes it even more special. You can go for customization with different flavors and colors with designs. That the cake decorated that matches with the miniature outfit and make it look even extra special.

Flower Decorated Cake

This unique flowery cake is available in two and three-tier, this simple and elegant cake look special for any wedding occasion and is decorated with garlands and flowers that make it look even more beautiful. You can choose to add elements with your choice of cake toppers.

Silhouette Cakes

This cake is perfect for someone who wants to add a personal touch to the cake without going extra or decorative. This cake is best with flower decorations, making it look more special and unique.

Ring Themed Cake

This gorgeous theme cake is decorated with big rings and the cake is carved to make it look like a ring box. This cake is also available in two-tier and looks gorgeous with designs of gold and pink flowers.

Castle Cake

If you are looking for a cake that looks a lot different and is a depiction of your dream house then you can go ahead with his multi-tier castle cake. This cake looks exceptionally phenomenal and is very beautiful.

Initials cake

You can make the cake personalized to your choice and expectation with this beautifully customized initial cake. This cake is covered with fondant with your choice of cake tiers.

This cake is specifically made with laser cut cake toppers that are used to decorate this beautifully designed cake. Cakexpo offers a wide range of bride and groom cake in Pune. Get your wedding cake in Pune delivered at your doorsteps with your personalization design is done with us. Get your dream cake into reality with the specially designed cake for the bride and groom with us!