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We are living in digital age where it’s not just the taste of a dish that matters but also how it looks in your plate. Many social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have turned food in to an art form. People share beautifully presented dishes over these platforms. If you are looking for an Instagram-worthy art of food presentation, you are at right place. Get tips to present your dishes to the next level. 

1. Start with a Clean Canvas

If you want to learn the art of food presentation, first step is to begin with a blank canvas just like painter. In this case, your plate is going to be your canvas. Make sure that it is spotless and free of any stains. Choose the right plate which will complements your dish.

2. Use Perfect Color and Contrast

The use of colors and contrast is the basic essence of food presentation. Try to balance the color combination by considering the nature of the food ingredients. Bright, vibrant colors are more appealing and photogenic. For example, a salad with a mix of colorful vegetables and a sprinkling of red tomatoes or vibrant orange carrots can be great combination.

3. Layer and Height

Layers and height are also important factor in food presentation. While layering the food, adjust the ingredients heights to look it more attractive. This will help to look the dish visually appealing and will add different textures and flavors too.

4. Use the Golden Ratio

Food presentation is nothing but the art and design. If you want to create a visually engaging food presentation, use the “Golden Ratio” concept which is normally used in the art and design. Try to place the main focus of your dish at the center. This will help you create that impact. 

5. Garnishing the Food 

Garnishing food is like giving the final touch to your art which will take your dish to the next level. Fresh vegetables, edible flowers and different sauces will enhance the look of your presentation. Make sure that garnishing the food should not only aesthetically pleasant but also it should complement the flavor of the dish.

6. Keep Empty Space

Keep the clean empty space around your food to focus on the main element of the dish. Overcrowding the plate might dilute the attention of the viewer.

7. Use of Appropriate Serveware

Make the right choice while selecting the serveware to keep around the dish. Understand the style of your food and choose plates that match. This creates an immense impact on how your dish is perceived. 

8. Lighting Matters a Lot

Appropriate lighting is the master key to capture the perfect Instagram photo. Always prioritize natural light. So if possible, try to arrange your dish near a window. If not then try to find the right place to keep your dish where you can use the right combination of light. 

9. Keep Experimenting and Learn

Always keep practicing and experimenting new ideas of food presentation to become a master. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques and styles. Try to follow your favorite chefs and food stylist on Instagram and other social media platforms to learn something from them.


Food presentation is a crucial art and design skill for everyone who is willing to post their food photograph on Instagram. It requires creativity, attention to detail, and an understanding of color, balance, and aesthetics. If you follow the above mentioned tips and keep practicing, you can definitely turn your dishes in to visual delights and get many followers on Instagram. Get ready to impress your followers by shooting the beautifully presented dishes and take your presentation skills to the next level.