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Mouth-Watering Chocolates for Diwali in Pune

Diwali is one of the most significant festivals in Indian culture and is celebrated by people in India and also all over the world. This Diwali, gift some chocolates to your loved one to add sweetness and delicacy to this joyful occasion. CakExpo offers a range of exotic varieties of chocolates for Diwali in Pune. We offer special Diwali chocolate gifts in Pune for you to choose from.

If you are wondering what to gift your close ones this Diwali, you can gift them chocolates as it makes the occasion even sweeter and is a popular option to consider. Here are some mouth-watering options that you might want to consider to gift this Diwali in Pune.

Crunchy Chocolates Delivery in Pune

These home-made rich chocolates have an interesting blend of the smooth texture of chocolate and crunchy rice crisps and crackers. This blend of delicacy can be combined with white, dark, or milk chocolates, with flavors that we can customize for you if you are looking for chocolates to gift this Diwali in Pune.

Fruits and Nuts Chocolate

Adding some crunchy nuts and juicy berries, the fruit and nut chocolate is an excellent option to consider this Diwali in Pune. Adding some dry fruits to chocolate makes the chocolate even more royal, perfect for this special occasion.

Homemade Ferrero Rocher Delivery in Pune

Who doesn’t like a good box of Ferrero Rocher? As much as we love Ferrero Rocher, it can be hard on the pocket as it is expensive for the quantity offered. We have recreated the exact taste and texture that you experience with Ferrero Rocher at a much lesser price. Now you don’t have to stop your Ferrero Rocher cravings anymore.

Chocolate Walnut Brownie

This one is probably one of the most popular options and highly demanded chocolate for Diwali. These cute small brownies make the perfect treat for your Diwali delicacies. The soft and moist brownies with walnut bits are coated with rich creamy chocolate that can lighten up the mood instantly! Light up your mood this Diwali with these amazing brownie chocolate pops!

Oreo Chocolates Delivery in Pune

This one is the favorite among the youths! This oreo flavored chocolate is a blend of rich dark chocolate with crunchy and original oreo biscuits, a perfect combination for chocolate lovers. Gift and delight the oreo chocolates to the young ones in your family and friends this Diwali in Pune.

So here are some popular chocolate options that you can consider and if you want to place an order for chocolates delivery in Pune for Diwali, we are more than happy to serve you. Check out for many options to choose from.