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How to Celebrate Chocolate Day in Pune?

World Chocolate Day is celebrated on 7th July. But any day can be turned into a chocolate day if it is meant to make someone special feel exotic. Especially, with Valentine’s Day almost a month away, it would be great to get a chocolate cake or chocolate confectioneries dedicated to the one you wish to enjoy the date with. Different varieties with numerous decorations are possible in the wide range of chocolate items.

Crunchy Chocolate

 The crunchy chocolate items have been a hit among many because it gives that much-needed break from the usual spongy taste of the chocolate cake or the melting chocolate feeling. Furthermore, there are more varieties in a crunchy chocolate type of items. Though, you will have to discuss your specific requirements with the baker to ensure that you will be delivered what you want.

Nutty Chocolate

 Chocolate alone is good, but having nuts in it such as walnuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc. makes it more wholesome. The nuts in the cake or chocolate items also make it more nutritious. Some people prefer such nut rich chocolate items to be made without sugar to preserve its health benefits as the nuts and the cacao naturally give a sweet flavor to it. How nutty chocolate has to be, depends on your preference. Some people like it a lot, some people just want to have a bit of nut to go with their chocolate craving.

Chocolate Blend

 This would be a chocolate item with a little tinge of some other flavors in it. At times they are strange blends as well such as mint, lemon, and ginger to give a surprise element to the guest. But overall, they are one of the most ordered cakes and items in the chocolate-based range. While ordering, specifying the percentage of the blend to the baker will have the item ready accordingly.

Chocolate Bouquets

 These are the new design in enhancing the chocolate experience, presented by only a few bakers. The bouquet may have real flowers along with the flower-shaped chocolates wrapped in decorative films to preserve their shape. Or the chocolates will be atop the flower sticks, placed in a crafty manner so they don’t drop down when moved around. These are perfect to gift someone on a special occasion, or just to make any occasion special.

You have to be careful in placing the order with all the details of what you want to the baker. Also, do keep in mind that the order must be placed with ample time in hand for the baker to create the masterpiece for you to celebrate Chocolate day in Pune. Do visit and allow us to assist you!