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When a colleague or a friend leaves, it is a bittersweet moment in life, where they depart to move on further in life and go on new adventures. This could be a great moment to celebrate their
accomplishments or their best moments with you by organizing a farewell party and getting them a cake honoring them. The cake could be of various designs such as “We will miss you”, “Thank you for your service” with a photo montage of some of their memories spent together. Let’s take a look at ways to celebrate them below:

Dinner Party

A dinner party followed by a cake is a great way to say goodbye to your colleague/friend, wishing them well till you meet again. It will be a great moment for all to remember. Depending on their likes and dislikes, there could be a Biryani-themed cake if they love Biryani, or a DSLR Camera cake if they love Photography.

Office Party with Cake

This is a great way to have a formal event in office for a senior colleague who may be moving on to greener grounds or retiring. A gentleman cake or a “thank you for your service” cake would be a great way to celebrate them and their accomplishments for their work at the organization.

House Gathering

The most preferred way to celebrate by the younger generation, it is the perfect occasion for lots of food, drink, and most importantly cake without which the celebration is incomplete. Depending on who is being celebrated, one could get them a theme cake on designs such as a cycling enthusiast-themed cake, Basketball themed cake, Beer Mug Cake, Boss Baby cake, etc and they are sure to remember and relish it forever.

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