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As a customer, it is not uncommon to have the doubt when the moment arrives to buy a cake; whether they should buy from a bakery or have it baked by a home baker. There are various attributes to why homemade cakes are better than cakes from bakeries, let’s take a look below.


The bases of cakes and the majority of the ingredients used in bakery cakes are mass-produced in factories thus catering to a generic audience. When it comes to homemade cakes, the bakers enquire with the customers before-hand about their allergies and other constraints. They can also offer their clients healthier options for diet-conscious people like vegan cakes, vegetarian cakes, keto cakes, low sugar, etc as per their requirements.


Every homemade cake is a custom order as the requirements of every customer vary. It could be the design, color schemes, etc and hence a lot of thought and care goes into baking a homemade cake special for the special occasion.


Everyone appreciates cleanliness; home bakers bake their cakes out of love. They make sure their home and work areas are absolutely clean all the time. For cakes made in bakeries, hygiene is never guaranteed, which may give rise to health complications. Hence homemade cakes are better for Shelf life. Home bakers use only the freshest ingredients of the highest quality in their cakes, which give it a very unique and delicious taste as compared to the cakes from bakeries. This is why homemade cakes are meant for immediate consumption as they do not have any preservatives or artificial flavoring as compared to bakery cakes which can last for many days.


As homemade cakes are prepared with no preservatives or artificial unhealthy chemicals, the cakes are of the highest quality. Unlike mass-produced cakes which are made using ingredients
like margarine, bleached flour(which add uniformity), cake gels which make the sponge moist, dried egg powder, etc homemade cakes use the purest and most simple ingredients, like flour, egg, sugar, water, and butter which assures that the quality remains high.

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